site updates & new posts starting monday!

During my blogging break I have been pinning a ton of inspiration photos into Pinterest to prep for getting back into the swing of outfit blogging. I'm excited to start posting new outfits again on  Monday!

This week I've been playing around with Blogger's dynamic layout template. I really like how the dynamic layout shows posts as pictures. This is a great option for looking at all the outfits at one time. The problem was I didn't want pictures to be the only layout for the blog and lose the traditional linear timeline blogging format. And then I had the idea - why not copy the posts over to a new blog url and have both the normal layout and the dynamic? It'll be a little extra work to maintain but it is such a fun way to review the photos!

It's a work in progress - I'm only about half way done copying posts (and blogger still needs to work on some of the features) but I like what I see so far!

I enabled 4 views on the dynamic site (which you can access from the links at the top of this page at any time):
  • Flipcard view:
    • I like this view a lot because it lets you see lots and lots of outfits at a glance. And then you can click any one outfit to see more information.
    • At the top of the Flipcard view you can sort the photos by Recent, Date and Label.
    • The Label sort would be my absolute favorite of all the dynamic pages if this section worked correctly. What it does is divide & groups posts by their labels - which would be super cool if it respected the fact many of my posts have multiple labels. But right now a post will only be in the "Stripes" group OR the "Dress" group OR the "Occasion: Work" group - when it should be all three. But hopefully that will come soon with Blogger updates.
I hope you like the updates! Thoughts? Suggestions? Requests? Comments? Excited for new posts on Monday!


  1. I love it!! Do you know if wordpress has the same features?

    Great job with your blog!I am starting mine now and I am enjoying it so much!!




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