outfit post: red striped long sleeved, high waisted jeans

 Inspiration - Can't find source

I'm going to vote fail on this outfit.

I love the inspiration picture and how Parisian and sophisticated the model looks posing on the beautiful bridge. She's about to do something fabulous like join in an underground beatnik poetry reading or cruise around Venice in a classic Mahogany speedboat. Me? Not so much.

The recreation is my attempt to branch into high-waisted jeans without falling into the Jessica Simpson 'mom jeans' catastrophe. I think I succeeded in avoiding looking like a cow but the outfit itself doesn't give me the effortless chic attitude I was hoping for. Maybe it's the spacing on the stripes in my shirt that makes me look juvenile? I don't know where I went wrong but it's much less YSL and much more, 'Why did you wear that?' (I'm soooo funny.)

     Red and white striped shirt - Gap
     High waisted jeans - Old Navy
     Amber necklace and white clutch - F21