outfit post: polka dotted dress, gold belt


With Valentine's Day around the corner I have decided to do a series of photos of date outfits! My take on date outfits is that they should be fun, flirty and girlie. And you should feel comfortable in them.

My first dress is a suggestion is from a post on the What I Wore. I love What I Wore! I have been reading it for years and years - since right after she started - 2005/2006 I think? Yesterday Jessica mentioned that there was a look-a-like dress at Old Navy that resembled a vintage beautiful polka dot dress she's worn on her blog. Sold! I needed to do errands anyway so I stopped by Old Navy and bought the dress she recommended. Love it!

The cut is a little different but I love the classic pattern and flattering fit. This dress makes me happy!

     Navy Polka Dot - Old Navy
     Nude pumps - Aldo 
     Gold Belt - Target


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