outfit post: kelly green cardigan, teal necklace

Inspiration - Pinterest (can't find original site)

This image has been floating around Pinterest and I love it for the color combination. I made a first attempt at the outfit before I bought the JCrew necklace (off eBay) and it wasn't quite right. So I tried again and I love it!

First attempt didn't work right...

     Kelly Green Cardigan - Banana Republic
     White Blouse - Old Navy
     Bootcut Jeans - Abercrombie
     Teal Bubble Necklace - JCrew (from eBay)


  1. I love this color combo. That inspiration photo was one of the first I ever pinned to my style board.

    I actually love your first attempt. Where'd you get that necklace? It looks more sturdy than the bib JCrew.

    So, I bought the Ebay version of this bubble necklace a few months ago. I wore it once and the bastard broke on me. Bummed. However, being the cheap person I am, I'm going to hot glue that sucker and pray to baby Jesus that it doesn't fall apart on me in the middle of a meeting or something.

  2. I have an imitation bubble necklace that totally broke apart too. I got some gorilla glue from CVS and reattached the stones. Repair is smart not cheap!! :)

    I bought the necklace off eBay- eBay

  3. Where did the cardigan in your first attempt come from? :)

  4. The first attempt sweater is Merona from Target. :)


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