outfit post: blue tie blouse, grey skirt, teal cardigan

Inspiration - Banana Republic 

I am headed on two business trips over the next three weeks. One week will be an internal all hands conference and the second week will be working onsite with a client. So in the spirit of all the working & traveling I'm about to do - I am going to do a work outfit week!

The first outfit is all Banana Republic pieces. My method for buying clothes from BR is to occasionally wander through and poke around in the sale/clearance sections. What I really want to do is just buy all the mannequins in the front of the store but I'd be broke before I knew it. I've found that if I keep my eye out for classic looking pieces I can get some amazing deals. I always try to make sure that the things I buy will go with a lot of stuff I already own. None of the items I'm wearing in this outfit were full price.

     Teal Cardigan - Banana Republic 

     Blue Patterned Tie Front Blouse - Banana Republic 
     Grey Pencil Skirt - Banana Republic
     Nude Pumps - Aldo
     Gold Belt - Target