outfit post: military jacket, striped dress, black boots

Inspiration: Vanessa Jackman blog via Pinterest

The girl in the picture is so much cooler then I ever will be. But the point of me copying outfits for this blog is to get me to try on different looks. So this is different. Don't think I'd leave the house in it but glad I am trying to branch out.

In addition to not being my typical style it's also not really functional as an outfit. My dress is v-necked so I put it on backwards to not show cleavage. If I move it rides up because there is no room for boobs in the back of the dress. And my jacket has a hood with bright pink liner - so I tried to tuck it away. There's a huge quasimodo-esque bulge on my back. And the boots aren't the cool work-boot type. I think they make my legs look stubby. (I normally wear these shoes with black tights - so it all just looks like my leg.)

     Striped Dress - Clearence Banana Republic
     Olive Green Military Jacket - Old Navy
     Black Bootie Heels - Aldo