outfit post: floral embellished grey cardigan, gold jewelry, jeans

Inspiration Photo: J.Crew

I think I'm good at putting together the bare minimum basics of an outfit. TLC's show What Not to Wear has deeply impressed the formula of a basic bottom, interesting top and cardigan/jacket uniform on my brain. But where I think I need to learn is what comes after that. I would have put on this outfit and stuck in some pearl studs and run out the door. I would not have thought to add such interesting jewelry and fun gold belt to an already embellished cardigan. But the pop of metallic make this more of an outfit-outfit and less a plain jane basic.

     Grey Floral Embellished Cardigan - Old Navy
     Jeans - Abercrombie
     Nude Pumps - Aldo 
     Gold Belt - J.Crew Outlet
     Gold Bracelet & Necklace - F21