outfit post: black skinny jeans, black top, drapey wrap cardigan

Inspiration Photo: Net-A-Porter - Donna Karen

This outfit makes me feel like a bad-ass. All black with an accent of grey - how cool am I?

As far as trends go I will never participate in the warm boot with open toe trend. Either my feet are all bundled up in a closed toe shoe or they are out and about in a sandal. Do not understand the open toe boot thing at all!

I also like any time I can wear what feels like a cozy blanket and still be allowed out in public.

     Drapey Wrap Cardigan - TJMaxx
     Black Tank - Old Navy
     Black Skinny Jeans - Target
     Ankle Boots - Aldo
     Bracelet - F21
     Ring - Banana Republic Clearance
     Bag - Longchamp


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