outfit post: yellow dress with argyle cardigan

Inspiration photo: JCrew

I'm still unsure about the whole belt around the outside of your outfit look. I love it on other people but I feel like I don't indent enough at the waist or something. Had to arch my back in the picture to not look blocky.

But on another note - totally obsessed with this dress! Bought it over the summer from UK online store Asos. Fits super cute. Very flattering shape. Think it was $80. Wish they had more colors in stock when I ordered it.

The shoes I bought at Bebe - maybe 7 years ago - and am totally in love with. When I bought them I had no idea they were pretty exact YSL knockoffs. I've worn them to death. The heels are so worn out I sound like a metal peg leg when I walk. I think you can have that repaired? Really wish Bebe would sell them again because every year since I bought these YSL has repeated their Tribute style that almost looks identical and I don't have $800 laying around to buy the originals.

     Yellow Dress - Asos
     Olive Green Argyle Cardigan - JCrew Outlet
     Brown Heels - Bebe (look so much like YSL tribute - makes me very happy!)

Real YSL tribute heels: